Travel Tales

Are you the kind of person that wears straw hats whilst eating raclette in the midst of heavy snowfall? Are you urgently looking for a vintage telephone? Or wish to know the way to the most nearby bouncing castle? Experiencing the sudden urge to plunge in a secret, magical pool? I can help you with that. I can’t promise I know the hippest places of this world, nor offer a comprehensive guide to all the hotspots in one travel destination, but if you want to see the world through imaginative goggles, it's this way:


  • What are you in the mood for?
  • abandoned places
  • animal farm
  • bazar bizar
  • blast from the past
  • bookworm walhalla
  • clamping
  • design dreams
  • find your happy place
  • glamping
  • granny time
  • into le outdoor
  • picnic picks
  • plunge fest
  • ridiculously romantic
  • secret stuff
  • spa alert
  • world of minions


  • Where are you headed?
  • antwerp
  • bruges
  • brussels
  • Cape Town
  • Essaouira
  • ibiza
  • marrakesh
  • Northern France
  • paris
  • provence
  • Tarifa
  • the alps
  • the ardennes
  • verona