Can Domo

Can Domo

Can Domo is the place to unwind and rediscover the simple pleasures in life. This charming finca invites you to relax at its central pool, and enjoy the sounds and smell of the enormous vegetable garden providing for its organic restaurant.

There is no main building, the surprising rooms are scattered around the grounds and all differ in size and style. You can choose for a glamping tent –which we did – but also wooden cabins or stone cavernish habitations. All are furnished simply yet elegantly, honoring the relaxing aesthetic, and make you feel like you’re in some boho chic spa all the time. You can book massages by the way, or even enjoy some yoga on the wooden deck overlooking the fields.

If you’re not staying here as a guest, do visit the famous restaurant, praised for both its delicious cuisine and its wine card.

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