Nostalgic souls cannot skip a visit to this much-discussed museum, set in a grand palace and park just outside Brussels, which was recently completely renovated.

The Afrikamuseum depicts Belgium’s problematic colonial history with the Congo. Its construction was ordered by King Leopold II –a guy not exactly known for his sense of humanity. It was officially opened in 1911 and showcased all the treasures the Belgian colonials brought home/stole from Africa. A few years ago, much-needed nuance was added to the place and nowadays you can reflect on both the history and the present-day challenges of Belgian-Congolese relationships. Many modern elements have been added, but it’s the historical pieces that will stir your imagination –such as the taxidermy room, with over 150 year old stuffed gorillas and elephants, as well as the impressive display of exotic butterflies, set against grand murals. 

Leuvensesteenweg 13, 3080 Tervuren

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