We are on a break!

We are on a break!

I would love to say “be right back”, but the truth is: we’re on an indefinite break. I could be right back in a very short while though. Come think about it: it’s complicated. Then again, so are these times. 

You know that feeling when you decide to create a platform to dump your entire brain content on, planning a life filled with wonderful creative nonsense and minimal real-world hassle, but then suddenly a worldwide pandemic stops by, forcing you to live and work in the proximity of two ever-demanding boss babies who are actually real-life babies, and then another small detail hits you: your real-world daytime job (and a few very cool projects on the side) actually take up all of your working hours?


Long story short: so little time, so much to do -and thus choices needed to be made. 

Lay down you handkerchief though: this is not a sad story, on the contrary! The Moodist has always been about taking it slow, time to put that motto to work -or not, hohoho. Life is very busy happening, which means no publishing any treasure hunting-, collecting-, time travelling- and corporate daydreaming adventures for a while BUT this is by no means a goodbye. Babies grow up, people’s time management skills get better, every brain needs a relief from time to time and mine still thrives on stylishly unexpected stories. Slowly yet surely, I’ll tell you the best ones. In short, consider The Moodist a sleeping giant (or leprechaun, or troll, or elf, or middle-aged pug dog, just have a pick) that can awaken at any time -so don’t hesitate to keep suggesting good tales at [email protected].


Your Sincerely,

The Moodist.