Le Jardin des Douars

Le Jardin des Douars

Parent-with-young-kids heaven! 

There are two options when travelling with kids. One: you check into a child-friendly hotel and get to eat in a school-like cafeteria with winy kids interrupting your romantic date night, while days at the chlorine-infested pool feel like a horrid summer camp memory. Two: you think f*** it and opt for an elegant hotel, spending the entire week shamefaced, trying to hush your newborn and explain to your hysterical toddler there is no running to be done around the pool. Hell.

What if I told you it can actually be luxurious ànd fun? As far as I’m concerned, le Jardin des Douars, is heaven on earth for all young parents. This charming hotel extends over a typical Moroccan ksar and its surrounding gardens, offering every possible distraction for children (namely a pool swing, endless board games, herds of sheep passing by, free cake and the hotel peacock making guest appearances every afternoon) and ways to help their parents unwind. The lush gardens and sophisticated decor make for both a chic and very welcoming feeling. Truly everything was designed with children in mind. Even the menu features a section of delicious, home-cooked babyfood! There’s an awesome separate pool for families with children that blows the door of every childhood cliché you ever had.

The spa is to die for, as is the deliciously healthy restaurant with enormous open fire. The hotel has multiple villas with private pools too, to be rented by bigger groups.

Les Jardin des Douars is only a stone throw away from Essaouira and its beautiful beaches, offering a wide range of activities in the surrounding area. If you’re a horseman or -woman, do not skip the opportunity to race down the dunes on a real Arab thoroughbred -a unique experience.

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