We discovered Sluiz upon investigating the presence of a bunch of bright blue neon cows along the road to Santa Gertrudis.

Following them, we stumbled into a completely absurd world of funky furniture, clothing and bewildering design pieces. It felt like stepping into the props department of some schizophrenic movie about aliens, the Mad Hatter, roman antiquity and mermaids all at once. The concept store, bar and restaurant, spanning over 6000 square meters, form one giant playground that changes looks every season.

Sluiz claims to provide “any possible and impossible item for your home, wardrobe and soul” and I couldn’t describe it better. My only regret is not owning a private plane to transport all the absurdities I encountered back home – for its prices are reasonable, whereas you have to be a kick-ass millionaire DJ to afford anything at that other crazy design party, la Maison de l’Elephant.

Had too much sun, or need to keep the kids and yourself busy on a rainy afternoon? You know where to go! Do keep an eye on its website for live music, food tasting and other events.

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