Greet Verbeke Antiques

Greet Verbeke Antiques

Tired of the touristy lace and chocolate shops? Try some real antique at Greet Verbeke, an old house at the beginning of the historical Sint-Jacobsstraat, filled with curiosities and romantic finds from bygone eras.

Whether it be a collection of vintage butterflies, an old cabinet, the bust of some mysterious mustachy individual, or enormous bottles of Chanel N°5: everything stirs your imagination here. The store mixes its antique offer with contemporary art and this cocktail proves to be a tasty one. Shoutout to the enormous bronze dog greeting visitors at the entrance: one day it will be mine (I keep putting it on my birthday wishlist), but for now it stands there, acting as a very good doorman slash dog. 

Sint-Jakobsstraat 53, 8000 Brugge

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