52 and the Secret Garden

52 and the Secret Garden

One of the best city gardens of Brussels!

This surprising Italian restaurant is housed in the basement of an anonymous apartment building. In fact, nothing even suggests its presence, except for a very small, easy overlooked sign behind the ground floor window. Ring the bell, take the stairs and discover a crappy-looking apartment dressed-up like a restaurant, dominated by chef Alessio’s deliciously smelling kitchen in the back.

Eating at 52 and the Secret Garden is fun and you take whatever Alessio decided to casserole that day, but even more fun is the garden in the back. On warm nights, you get to eat in this truly enchanting scenery. Enjoy the delicious flavors and let your mind wander off! (By the way, as the number of tables is very limited, you’d best reserve one in advance. Way in advance…)  

Vleurgatsesteenweg 52, 1050 Elsene

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