The Moodist is a curated platform for everything stylishly unexpected, collecting tales of people and design, of surprising travel destinations, of literary journeys and hidden secrets. Like a giant box of chocolate, there’s something for every mood –because cranky people deserve some daydreaming too.

Like what you’re reading? You may be curious to read on and get to know the story behind the last private Victor Horta residence in Brussels and the art of exploring abandoned places, discover which literary masterpieces supermodels are reading backstage at fashion week and why Game of Thrones is more than just one giant warning nòt to play with fire. You will meet an array of inspiring individuals, explore their wardrobes and attics, and maybe learn a thing or two about sustainable fashion and superheroes alike. Talking about fashion, The Moodist will finally enlighten you on that weird tendency gangsta rappers have to adorn themselves with preppy Polo Ralph Lauren teddybear sweaters. You will also cancel your trip to that instagrammable tourist trap your entire feed is traveling to, and book a stay at a derelict yet ridiculously romantic chateau in Southern France, just because your inner granny is a cool little lady and she needs to be pampered too from time to time.

You will, in short, be distracted from everything drab and dreary for a while and will finish this particular journal with a smile on your face –promised, because The Moodist hates open endings.

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Who is The Moodist? Here’s the official bio containing all the essential info:

After having worked as a fashion journalist for nearly a decade, The Moodist decided to expand her resumé with some shiny new titles, including those of treasure hunter, collector, time traveler and corporate daydreamer. As no job offer would match this profile, she decided to set off on a little journey of her own.  Along the way, she developed a weird fascination for gummy bears and Silvianian Families toys, and became one of the world’s most credible Nalu influencers -too bad those don’t exist either. What else? She knows someone who went to kindergarten with Harry Potter, dislikes wet paper and wax museum dolls, and tends to memorize the most insignificant details –which is why people think she makes stuff up. She would like to claim she is located in a slightly decaying Belle Epoque mansion in the middle of a jungle-themed garden with banana trees and a donkey shed, but must admit her headquarters are a suburban doll house with a Peter Pan feel. Which is fine as well. She loves sharp pencils and old telephones, is deadly afraid of chickens and can’t help but read the last page before even starting a book. Above all, she hates open endings.  That’s why this bio will now clearly be marked as, ended.


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