Insiders Experience

Insiders Experience

If straying off the beaten path is the way your cookie crumbles, you might as well do it on a sexy vintage motorbike. Albeit, that is the philosophy at Insiders Experience, a slow travel agency that strives to offer you an alternative view of Marrakech and her surroundings, comfortably seated in a retro sidecar.

You’ll be driven around by expert locals who’ll show you the coolest hidden corners of the Ochre City. Each tour is based on a theme of your choice: architecture, photography, food, outdoors or just daydreaming… We tagged along the bikes for two days and discovered, among other things, the forgotten and deliciously decadent Trattoria where Yves Saint Laurent and his crew liked to party the night away back in the days, an abandoned castle that serves as the occasional movie set and the coolest of desert camps in the history of cool desert camps.

Don’t forget to bring champaign!

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