Have something cheerful to celebrate – like the fact your beloved cat wasn’t lost after all (rather just taking a nap in the laundry basket) or you just completed a superb work of art that will probably never go on display, or you bought a bag of chips which contained only folded (!!) chips, or your grandma told you that yoù are by far her favorite grandchild? Go jubilate (and optionally invite your granny along) at Loulou, the in-house restaurant of the very impressive Musée des Arts Décoratifs.

Not only is it housed in a majestic palace, offering great views over the musée d’Orsay and jardins du Louvre, it’s also a decorated like the private dining room of a friendly dandy, mixing sixties and seventies design with French classicism. The staff is smiling (which is not a given in Paris), the Rivierra inspired cuisine makes you more than very happy and even the napkins cheerfully wink at you. The food is pretty refined, but oddly enough it is the house’s pizza that really stuck in my head and heart. Loulou is equally fun for lunch, dinner, afternoon snacks or drinks.

Don’t forget to pay the Arts Décoratifs museum shop a little visit when you’re there: by rule, all museum shops are awesome, but this is one of my definite favorites. It offers an array of cool stuff, like retro Fischer Prize toys, books that turn out to be pretty design reading lamps and designer stationary. Get over there, buy something that makes you happy and start the celebrations all over again at Loulou’s… 

107, Rue de Rivoli.

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