Dar El Sadaka

Dar El Sadaka

“We’re going to enter through the bathroom window on the first floor and then climb downstairs. You may feel a bit dizzy.”

Some lightness in the head is indeed what you’re experiencing when entering the enchanted world of Dar El Sadaka, the guest house slash art project of French artist Jean-Francois Fourtou. The venue consists of a wonderful park dedicated to the wonders of childhood: there’s a giant house, where you feel like you’re a four-year-old toddler again, an upside-down house that seems to have fallen from the skies and a garden tended to by weird vegetable-like creatures, just to name a few of its attractions.

While the park is often used for special events and occasions, guests stay in the main house that seems completely overtaken by animals. Wild orangutans swing in the living room, while a very friendly giraffe tries to make conversation with you in the dining area and at the pool and a giant sheep provides for some much needed shadow.

Every room is dedicated to one species and you can choose to sleep between geese, dogs or donkeys. The artist himself lives in “the beehive”, an enchanting bungalow where enormous bees roam free and cover everything in their sticky nectar.

A magical place, where civilization encounters not only wild animals, but also your forgotten childhood memories –perhaps the most untamed beasts of them all!

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