Thrifting the Kloosterstraat

Thrifting the Kloosterstraat

Out with the new, in with the old? If you’re not into Ikea furniture and brand new stuff in general, if you have the sudden urge to embark on a treasure hunt, or if you broke your grandmothers antique fan and need to find a replacement very very soon, the infamous Kloosterstraat is the place to go.

The shops on this street offer a variety of treasures from bygone and not so far-away eras, as well as tons of inspiration for original interior decorating. Last time I went, I begged my husband for a ceramic elephant serving as coffee table, but he refused. Maybe I should have given the poor guy a break. After all, he already had had to endure my sudden obsession with pre-war telegrams.

Take your time to stroll down the fun street and enter whichever Ali Baba’s cave tickles your fancy, but by no means skip my two favorites: Monique Stam and Blue Fonz.

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