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The Simple Life at De Stamper

Travel Tales Bruges September 6, 2020 0 Comments
Creaking wooden stairs, plush beds in hidden nooks, fresh flowers on the windowsill and the scent of home-made pie creeping its way up to your hiding spot. There’s no place like The Stamper to rediscover the joys of the simple life.  This rustic 17th-century farm has weathered many a storm and has been run by the same family since the…

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Camp Chill: an outing with Wandelgoesting

Travel Tales The Ardennes September 1, 2020 0 Comments

(Fun) life is over once you have kids, right ? Wrong ! If you’re into nature and outdoor adventures, fun-loving Wandelgoesting will show you a whole new world of possibilities very close to home.  Forget all your frustrations about not getting to hop on a plane any time soon. Sarah and Pie, the husband-and-wife duo behind the mini travel blog Wandelgoesting, love…

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Retro for the win at Pêle-Mêle

Brussels May 19, 2020 0 Comments

In search of that one children’s book your nana used to read out to you every single night? Or the Super Mario Bros game that kept you up way passed bedtime? Big chance you’ll find it at Pêle-Mêle, a huge storehouse stacked with old books and games. Specialized in what they call “cultural recycling”, it offers an impressive collection of…

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