9,5 most satisfying beauty moments in Disney history

9,5 most satisfying beauty moments in Disney history

Spoiler alert: Mulan is your ultimate Disney beauty queen! 

I like Disney movies. They portray a world where animals can talk, there’s a permanent soundtrack, the weather is always good (except when a witch or other bad guy crosses our hero’s path) and all food looks shiny and perfect. That’s all very likeable, but what really fascinates me, are the hidden moments of total beauty per-fec-tion in The Little Mermaid, Aladin and co. Having a tough day? Sit back, relax, and soak it all in: 

A dream is a wish your heart makes and I really really really wish for Cinderella’s hair right now: the kind that just comes loose with the snap of a finger. No tangles, no leftover rubber band, no fuss. Just. Perfect. Hair! 

This deliciously arrogant little mermaid owns a shell-shaped pocket mirror and will go on to make fun of boring ol’ Wendy’s nightgown and ringlets in an effort to win Peter Pan all to herself. Can you blame her?  

She. Freakin’. Woke. Up. Like. This!!! Well of course, if one is to master the art of sleeping beautifully, it had to be this individual. 

Well this explains my early childhood trauma with false lashes. 

Belles baby hairs and the way they perfectly fall into place with just a brush of her fingers deserve their own storyline in the movie. 

Come think about it, they have it: here they are, sadly wandering the halls of Beast’s angry looking castle. 

IRL it would be considered a torture to work a fork through someone’s hair, but in Ariels world it slides through her fiery manes like a hot knife through butter. 1,2,3, mmmmm… 

She might be a sea witch, Ursula’s lip routine is awesome. Also: how very K-beauty of her to use snails. 

Beach. Hair. Goals. 

A raven black head of hair combined with a love for oversized bling, exotic creatures and above all her own reflection: princess Jasmine is the Kardashian of all Disney princesses. Someone get this girl a reality show asap! 

To me all pet hamsters, dogs and cats (even the ones with their own Instagram accounts) are just dull creatures considering the fact that Pocahontas has a braiding-master raccoon. It makes me sad actually, I want one too. 

Pocahontas, the woman whose hair never falls out of place, but just symmetrically flows along her perfect jawline. That, and can someone inform me on her matte orange lipstick? 

Squad goals! Bonus points for the woman on the far right’s perfect bouncy hair.  

Meg’s hands are like the world’s most performing blowdryer and curling iron all in one. Which dark force gave her those powers?!?!

Forget about the Kylie Jenner lip kit, I want Mulan’s pencil! 

And her eyeliner trick… 

… and demand to know the brand of the Chinese tomboy’s amazing make-up remover! 

You are only a samurai sword away from that perfect long bob. Said Mulan.

Could watch this for hours. HOURS! 

Speaking about perfect hair, say hi to Rapunzel! 

This is Rapunzels stepmom. She wouldn’t be the first woman who falls apart in her quest for satisfying golden locks… 

Here’s another one with a masterful technique of undoing an updo. Let it go and… firework!!  

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