9,5 Disney outfits you had completely forgotten about

9,5 Disney outfits you had completely forgotten about

From Cinderella’s glass slippers to Belle’s yellow ballgown: the signature looks of Disney’s beloved princesses have become somewhat iconic over the years. And yet even cartoon royals opt for the occasional outfit change, if only on laundry day. Let’s have closer look at these forgotten wardrobe staples:

Meet Ariel, the woman who had to make do with a shell-shaped bra and a fork-functioning-as-comb for the better part of her life. Until she washed ashore and met a wealthy prince, whose kitchen maid slash stylist provided some style pointers and a real hairbrush: behold the millennial pink result, bam!

Thanks to a myriad of spin-offs to the original movie, Jasmine is blessed with a far more extended wardrobe than any of her royal colleagues. In the King of Thieves movie she sports a wedding dress that seems stolen right out of the costume department of Game of Thrones. I can perfectly picture Cercei, Sansa or Dani scheming for the iron throne in this number.

Ostentatiously sporting fur while being held captive by a hairy beast? You got to handle it to Belle: the girl’s got balls!

There’s a reason why sexy Pocahontas lives out her days in a barely-there mini dress. In Journey to the New World she travels to England to confront her asshole ex John Smith, but instead of showing him what he misses, opts for a complete fashion disaster. Sometimes, “less is more” is the way to go…

I do like her Jacobean homewear set with built-in tutu however, seems awesome for a day of Netflix on the couch.

Also in Pocahontas’ travel case: a gloriously cool suede ensemble, fringes et all, the Kardashian sisters would kill for.

I bet you forgot all about Mulan wearing a nondescript polo! And from the glum look on her face, I’d say the kick-ass warrior has all the trouble in the world finding a good balance between soldier’s gear and full-on bridal look. Keep on trying, we’ll make a fashion girl out of you!

(On the other hand, the Chinese tomboy proves to know her way around make-up and hair tools, discover why she is thé beauty influencer of the Disney universe here).

Back to Jasmine, who’s showing off yet another wedding ensemble at her fourth (!) attempt to tie the knot with Aladin. This time, she flies to the altar in a see-through creation with statement belt and very bold shoulders -which seems to be the signature look in Agrabah by the way, long live the eighties!

Sometimes a girl ’s got to do what a girl’s got to do. And when you father’s grand vizier threatens to take over the kingdom, reducing your awesome bodyguard/tiger to a very cute kitten along the way, that means seducing him in a hot red number, topped with chunky, exotic jewelry. You go girl!

About the Other Cinderella Dress: of course nothing can hold a candle to a diamond dress with black choker and tiara that magically appears out of the biebediebabedie blue, but this wedding dress with built-in shower system is getting close. Having courage and being kind really doés pay off, at least in terms of style.

Long before she managed to snag a prince whilst being asleep -some girls can really do anything- and even before she wore color-changing blue and pink ballgowns, Sleeping Beauty spent some time in the woods. She did so, sporting a dull peasant skirt and goody-goody shirt… topped with a black bondage corset! I guess Jasmine should hand over her price for naughtiest styling trick to this lady.

Probably the most forgotten of forgotten Disney looks: the sparkling little something Ariel wore at the end of the movie in order to showcase her newly regrown legs. Oscar worthy!

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