9,5 crybabies that will help you ease the tension

9,5 crybabies that will help you ease the tension

Need to get something off your chest? Lump in the throat? These knights in shining armor will help you unleash the flood of tears, bet you’ll feel better afterwards!

Nothing good has ever come out of men suppressing their emotions –women neither, for that matter- just because society told them to. Luckily, these days men unleash their tears just as easily as a certain Mad Queen does with dragon fire. Here’s my list of most infectious howling scenes:

1. No one cries like Leo. Ever. In any movie. Go Leo!

2. Brad With Long Goldilocks losing it over the fact that he has lost basically everybody he cares for in Legends of the Fall gets to me every time. Also, props to the saddest movie theme of all time.

3. Tom Hanks is my soft spot: whenever he breaks down, I go too. Especially at the end of Forrest Gump, when he sobs about how smart his son is, and of course the ultimate breaking point: when he looses his cool as Captain Phillips.

4. “Are you crying?”

“No…” answered my husband as we were silently watching Matt Damon weep over his dead wife’s powerpoint, both our bodies hysterically heaving with sobs.

5. Heath Ledger is me after an exhausting day at the office when all I want to do is put my feet up, but the kid wants to “work” on her sticker book for the zillionth time.

6. And Djimon Hounsou is me when I see my mom crying over something someone said to her and I want to go out and murder that person with my bare hands. And then bring him back to life and murder him again. And again. And again. I’m protective over my mom.

Watch the entire bloody scene here by the way, starting at 01:45;

7. Cristiano Ronaldo on the other hand, is my kid when she realizes she emptied her entire bottle of milk but is still hungry. I know he’s not an actor, but what a talent!

8. Robert De Niro reminds me of my deceased grandfather and I can not stand to see him looking vulnerable. Weirdly enough, he is anything but in the comedy The Intern, but still just the sight of him in his decent blue pyjamas brings me to tears.

9. Try, just try to keep it dry as Will Smith is fighting back tears while quite unsuccessfully pursuing happiness…

10. And finally, one to lighten the mood; long before Kim Kardashian’s Ugly Crying Face there was James Van Der Beek’s Teary Leary moment. It has made history and dominated the meme world for almost two decades. Nothing but love love love for this one!

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